2022 Winner: Eliza Shephard


The Grand Final of the ABC Young Performers Awards was broadcast on 4 November 2022 by ABC Classic.

Flautist Eliza Shephard was named the Young Performer of the Year following her impressive performance of Matthew Hindson’s eccentric concerto House Music, accompanied by percussionist Alexander Meagher and pianist Peter de Jager.

As Young Performer of the Year, Eliza was awarded:

  • Young Performer of the Year Award ($25,000)
  • YMFA Award ($5,000)
  • The position of ABC Classic FM Artist in Residence, and;
  • A limited-edition Drago Marin Cherina bronze trophy, presented by Music & Opera Singers Trust Ltd.

Eliza also won the following professional engagement opportunities:

  • Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Prize
  • Melbourne Recital Centre Prize.

The broadcast also included breathtaking performances from two other finalists; with double bassist Jason Henery performing Andres Martin’s Concerto for Double Bass No. 1 and violinist Edward Walton performing Sibelius’ Violin Concerto in D minor, Op. 47.

Jason was awarded:
• Merenda Scholarship ($15,000)
• Triffit Bequest for Runner Up
• Australian Music Foundation Award, and
• A professional engagement with City Recital Hall, courtesy of the City Recital Hall Prize.

Edward was awarded:
• Australian Friends of Keshet Eilon Scholarship, to fund travel and course fees at the Keshet Eilon
Mastercourse in Israel
• Max Olding Memorial Prize, awarded to the ‘most promising of the six Semi-Finalists,’ and donated by the
Olding family
• Triffit Bequest for Runner Up
• Australian Music Foundation Award
• A professional engagement in the Gottinger Symphonieorchester’s 2022/23 or 2023/24 seasons, courtesy of the
Gottinger Symphonieorchester Prize;and,
• A profesional engagement with the Willoughby Symphony Orchestra.

Eliza Shephard

Eliza Shephard is a vibrant performer based in Melbourne and is an advocate for diversity and inclusion within her artform. She developed her project ‘March of the Women’ (2020-22) to celebrate female composers, and as a fervent contemporary musician she challenges audiences’ perception of the flute. She graduated from the Australian National University with a Bachelor of Music (Honours Class 1) in Flute Performance studying under Virginia Taylor, and has completed her Master of Music Research through Griffith University Conservatorium. Eliza has studied and performed in Canada and USA and has completed three years in the Professional Performance Program at Australian National Academy of Music.

During her time at ANAM, Eliza received the Outstanding Program in a Solo Recital, the ANAM Volunteer’s Prize, the Ursula Hoff Institute Prize for Most Outstanding Performance in a Solo Recital, and the Director’s Prize. Eliza was awarded the International Woodwind Player Award at the Gisborne International Music Competition, and has guested with Plexus Collective, Arcadia Winds, Rubiks, and Elision Ensemble.
Known for her theatrical performances, Eliza has received many accolades for the boldness and imagination she brings to her projects and is highly sought-after as a solo and chamber musician. She was a Freedman Classical Fellowship finalist in 2021 and now the ABC Young Performer of the Year. She has performed with Opera Australia for their regional touring productions of Madama Butterfly, Carmen and The Barber of Seville. A teaching associate at Monash University and frequent tutor for the Australian Youth Orchestra, Eliza is an enthusiastic and passionate educator and her course ‘The Extended Flute’ has been presented around Australia.

Eliza is known as ‘fiery’ on stage, and captures the audience’s attention throughout her performances. With over twenty years experience on stage, Eliza is a confident and established performer in a wide range of styles. Her recitals are award-winning, and draw from Eliza’s many years in dance and theatre. She has performed in festivals, recital series and touring productions.

As a teacher, Eliza has held positions in primary and high schools, as well as music schools in Canberra and Melbourne. She is enthusiastic about engaging with the students, and sharing with them the joy of making music.
Eliza has a passion for contemporary techniques on the flute, and has established ‘The Extended Flute’, a course aimed at flutists of all ages for them to experience and experiment with extended techniques.

With her passion for contemporary music, Eliza extensively researched the Glissando Headjoint®, a creation of Robert Dick’s as part of her Masters of Music Research at Griffith University. She has looked at expanding the repertoire for this mechanism, and increasing its outreach to flutists around the world.


After the 6 Semi-Finalists performed in a series of Covid-safe concerts recorded in ABC Studios in Sydney and Melbourne in May, 2022, 3 Finalists were chosen.

Double Basist Jason Henery, Flautist Eliza Shephard, and violinist Edward Walton.

Jason Henery Double Bassist

Jason Henery is a 20-year old Double Bassist from Sydney. Born in Sydney, Jason commenced his musical education on the violin at age five, moving to a study of the double bass with his father in late 2010. Now at age eighteen, Jason has been principal double bass of the Australian Youth Orchestras (AYO) for several years. Additionally, he has played alongside other principal members in the AYO, performing such chamber works as Mendelssohn's Octet op. 20 and Beethoven's Septet op. 20. As a soloist, Jason has also been featured with Ensemble Nouveau, performing Bottesini’s Concerto in B minor. He has also been a finalist in the Alf and Pearl Pollard Award Competition.

Eliza Shephard Flautist

Eliza Shephard is a vibrant performer based in Melbourne, and is quickly paving her way as an educator, improviser and collaborator. She graduated
from the Australian National University with a Bachelor of Music (First Class Honours) in Flute Performance studying with Virginia Taylor, and
completed her Master of Music through Griffith University. Eliza has studied and performed in Canada and USA, and trained at the Australian
National Academy of Music. She has received many awards including the ANAM Director's Prize and the International Woodwind Player Award at the Gisborne International Music Competition. A fervent contemporary musician, Eliza has established a course on experimental flute techniques, ‘The Extended Flute’, and is a specialist on the Glissando Headjoint. She is passionate about amplifying the voices of female musicians andcomposers, and is planning her third instalment of ‘March of the Women’, a month-long project celebrating the output of women throughout musical history.

Edward Walton Violinist

Edward was born in Sydney in 2006, and studies with Dr Robin Wilson, Head of Violin at the Australian National Academy of Music in Melbourne. Edward has been successful in many international competitions, most recently being selected to participate in the 2021 Yehudi Menuhin International Violin Competition. In 2019, Edward was awarded first prize and the audience prize at the Il Piccolo Violino Magico competition, first prize in the Medallion International Concerto Competition in the USA, 1st Grand Prix at the
Jeunes Artistes Musicals du Centre in France and First Prize in the International London Grand Prize Virtuoso Competition culminating in an invitation to perform at the Royal Albert Hall. In 2018 he was awarded the top prizes at the 9th International Young Musicians Competition in Legnago, Italy, including the Premio Magnani Young Prize, the Premio Virtuosite Prize and was the joint winner of the Premio Salieri Young Prize. He was also awarded the Hans Reiner Storz Memorial Award at the 2018 Melbourne International Violin Competition.


Our finalists demonstrate the promising future and continued excellence of Australian music.

Adjudicators were impressed by the high standard overall, and the exceptional technical ability and maturity displayed by these young musicians.

ABC Young Performers Awards Finals Concert Programmes

Previous Winners & Finalists
  • Winner - Emily Sun, Violin, NSW
  • Finalist- Kevin Chow, Piano, VIC
  • Finalist - Oliver Schermacher, Clarinet, NSW
2010 - 2015
  • Winner - Lloyd Van't Hoff, Clarinet, QLD
  • Finalist - Chris Cartlidge, Viola, VIC
  • Finalist - Lily Higson-Spence, Violin, QLD
  • Winner - Grace Clifford, Violin, NSW
  • Finalist - Anna Da Silva Chen, Violin NSW
  • Finalist - Andrew Kawai, Oboe, VIC
2014 Australia Cello Awards
  • Winner - Yelian He
  • Finalist - Edward King
  • Finalist - Ruben Palma
  • Winner - Hoang Pham, Piano, VIC
  • Finalist - Stefan Cassomenos, Pianist, VIC
  • Finalist - Andrew Kawai, Oboe, VIC
  • Winner - Katerina Nazarova, Violin, TAS
  • Finalist - Young Kwon Choi, Piano, NSW
  • Finalist - Som Howie, Clarinet, NSW
  • Winner - Nicholas Russoniello, Saxophone, NSW
  • Finalist - Nicholas Young, Piano, NSW
  • Finalist - Emily Sun, Violin, NSW
  • Winner - Oliver She, Piano, QLD
  • Finalist - Richard Pollett, Violin, QLD
  • Finalist - Ashley William Smith, Clarinet, WA
2000 - 2009
  • Winner - Ji Won Kim, Violin, NSW
  • Finalist - David Papp, Oboe, NSW
  • Finalist - Bo An Lu, Piano, NSW
  • Winner - Maxwell Foster, Piano, QLD
  • Finalist - Rebecca Chan, Violin, VIC
  • Finalist Jessica Foot, Oboe, VIC
  • Winner - Shaun Lee Chen, Violin, WA
  • Finalist - Benjamin Kopp, Piano, NSW
  • Finalist - Tristan Williams, Trumpet, VIC
  • Winner - Cameron Hill, Violin, VIC
  • Finalist - Brieley Cutting, Piano, QLD
  • Finalist - Shefali Pryor, Oboe, NSW
  • Winner - Suyeon Kang, Violin, VIC
  • Finalist - Oliver Le Mang She, Piano, QLD
  • Finalist - Mark Gaydon, Bassoon, SA
  • Winner - Amy Dickson, Saxophone, NSW
  • Finalist - Chen Gu, Violin, NSW
  • Finalist - Edward Neeman, Piano, ACT
  • Winner - Richard Haynes, Clarinet, QLD
  • Finalist - Olivia Sham, Piano, NSW
  • Finalist - Nicole Vasilakis, Violin, NSW
  • Winner - David Fung, Piano, NSW
  • Finalist - Jamie Adam, Marimba, SA
  • Finalist - Kristian Winther, Violin, ACT
  • Winner - Pei-Jee Ng, Cello, QLD
  • Finalist - Kristian Chong, Piano, VIC
  • Finalist - Emma Scholl, Flute, NSW
  • Finalist - Caitlin Hulcup, Mezzo-soprano, WA
  • Winner - Sophie Rowell, Violin, NSW
  • Finalist - Grace Kim, Piano, NSW
  • Finalist - Meg Sterling, Flute, ACT
1990 - 1999
  • Winner - Claire Edwardes, Percussion, NSW
  • Finalist - Andrea Lam, Piano, NSW
  • Finalist - Alexandra Osborne, Violin, NSW
  • Finalist - Göknur Ray, Soprano, NSW
  • Winner - Simon Tedeschi, Piano, NSW
  • Finalist - Sarita Kwon, Violin, NSW
  • Finalist - Nicole King, Bassoon, VIC
  • Finalist - Caroline Chown, Soprano, QLD
  • Winner - Philip Arkinstall, Clarinet, NSW
  • Finalist - Kirsten Le Strange, Violin, NSW
  • Finalist - Fabian Russell, Tuba, VIC
  • Finalist - Lance Coburn, Piano, QLD
  • Finalist - Alexandra Sherman, Mezzo-soprano, VIC
  • Winner - Andrew Day, Flute, VIC
  • Finalist - Lachlan Redd, Piano, ACT
  • Finalist - Susie Park, Violin, NSW
  • Finalist - Catherine Carby, Mezzo-soprano, VIC
  • Winner - Alison Eddington, Percussion, NSW
  • Finalist - David Tong, Piano, VIC
  • Finalist - Sally Cooper, Violin, SA
  • Finalist - Leanne Kenneally, Soprano, QLD
  • Winner - Elowyn Leonard, Clarinet, ACT
  • Finalist - Margot Lee, Bassoon, SA
  • Finalist - Shan Deng, Piano, QLD
  • Finalist - Fiona Campbell, Mezzo-soprano, WA
  • Winner - Liwei Qin, Cello, VIC
  • Finalist - Rebecca Chambers, Piano, VIC
  • Finalist - Sarah Warner, Bassoon, WA
  • Finalist - Emma Lysons, Soprano, WA
  • Winner - Natalie Chee, Violin, NSW
  • Finalist - Caroline Almonte, Piano, VIC
  • Finalist - Steve Rossé, Tuba, NSW
  • Finalist - Lisa Brown, Soprano, WA
  • Winner - Tamara-Anna Cislowska, Piano, NSW
  • Finalist - Zoë Black, Violin, VIC
  • Finalist - Kathryn McCuster, Soprano, WA
  • Winner - Clemens Leske Jr, Piano, SA
  • Finalist - Anna McMichael, Violin, SA
  • Finalist - Markus Lutz, Percussion, QLD
  • Finalist - Andrew Collis, Bass-baritone, QLD
1980 - 1989
  • Winner - Antony Chesterman, Oboe, NSW
  • Winner - Duncan Gifford, Piano, NSW
  • Finalist - Melissa Barnard, Cello, NSW
  • Finalist - Louise Page, Soprano, ACT
  • Winner - Virginia Taylor, Flute, ACT
  • Finalist - Julian Smiles, Cello, ACT
  • Finalist - Yanghee Kim, Piano, NSW
  • Finalist - Ian Vayne, Bass-baritone, QLD
1987 (Name changes to ABC Young Performers Award)
  • Winner - Bernadette Harvey, Piano, NSW
  • Finalist - Amanda Parsons, Horn, WA
  • Finalist - Patricia Ayling, Cello, NSW
  • Finalist - Karen Robertson, Mezzo-soprano, VIC
1986 (Name changed to ABC Young Performers’ Competition. State finals converted to four category finals. Young Performer of the Year receives extra cash and minimum of three concert performance with ABC orchestras.)
  • Winner - Alison Lazaroff, Violin, NSW
  • Finalist - Philip Mayers, Piano, QLD
  • Finalist - Frances Barzyk, Tuba, VIC
  • Finalist - Anna Connolly, Soprano, QLD
  • Winner - Diana Doherty, Oboe, VIC
  • Finalist - Cameron Retchford, Cello, QLD
  • Finalist - Yasuko Toba, Piano, WA
  • Finalist - Miriam Gormley, Soprano, QLD
  • Winner - Adele Anthony, Violin, SA
  • Finalist - Katrina Brown, Piano, SA
  • Finalist - Warwick Tyrrell, Trombone, NSW
  • Finalist - Susan Dunn, Soprano, QLD
  • Winner - Joan Qiong Shih, Violin, TAS
  • Finalist - Deborah de Graaff, Clarinet, NSW
  • Finalist - Paul Ford, Piano, VIC
  • Finalist - Margaret Schindler, Soprano, QLD
  • Winner - Ian Munro, Piano, VIC
  • Finalist - Ivan James, Cello, NSW
  • Finalist - Geoffrey Payne, Trumpet, VIC
1981 (Award for most outstanding competitor introduced)
  • Winner - Jolanta Nagajek, Mezzo-soprano, WA
  • Finalist - John White, Marimba, SA
  • Finalist - Brett Dean, Viola, QLD
  • Finalist - Robert Zocchi, Piano, ACT
  • Sue-Ellen Paulsen, Cello, QLD
  • Stephen Emmerson, Piano, QLD
  • Claire Primrose, Soprano, VIC
  • Michael Mulcahy, Trombone, VIC
1970 - 1979
  • Keith Birchley, Piano, QLD
  • Liza Cheshire, Flute, NSW
  • Adele Nisbet, Soprano, QLD
  • Howard Penny, Cello, ACT
1978 (Four categories introduced: Vocal, Orchestral Strings, Keyboard, Other Instrumental)
  • Amelia Fonte, Mezzo-soprano, QLD
  • Laurien Kennedy, Cello, VIC
  • Victor Sangiorgio, Piano, VIC
  • Peter Veale, Oboe, SA
  • Susan Blake, Cello, NSW
  • Robyn Cantle, Soprano, NSW
  • Jenni Flemming, Piano, QLD
  • Anthony Halliday, Piano, VIC
  • Rosamund Illing, Soprano, SA
  • Peta Lowe, Violin, SA
  • Graham Godfrey, Tenor, QLD
  • Alan Vivian, Clarinet, VIC
  • Lesley Young, Piano, QLD
  • Virginia Inkratas, Piano, NSW
  • Wendy Verco, Mezzo-soprano, NSW
  • Michele Walsh, Violin, SA
  • Jeffrey Crellin, Oboe, SA
  • Jonathan Summers, Baritone, VIC
  • Renate Turrini, Piano, SA
  • Andrew Peter Bowman, Male alto, QLD
  • Keith Crellin, Viola, TAS
  • Rosalie Myers, Piano, WA
  • Rodney Lowe, Trumpet, VIC
  • Margot Wall, Soprano, VIC
  • Ormsby Wilkins, Piano, VIC
  • Anthony Newcombe, Piano, SA
  • Julie Raines, Harp, VIC
1960 - 1969
  • Gustave Fenyö, Piano, NSW
  • Margaret Garrett, Soprano, NSW
  • Tanya Hunt, Cello, VIC
1968 (Preliminary recital stage introduced. Instrumental categories divided into Keyboard and ‘Other’. Name changed to Instrumental and Vocal competition.)
  • Tom Pommerel, Piano, QLD
  • Nathan Waks, Cello, NSW
  • James Whitbread, Baritone, VIC
  • Robert Davidovici, Violin, NSW
  • Glenys Fowles, Soprano, WA
  • Ian Morgan, Clarinet, VIC
  • Thomas Ungar, Piano, NSW
  • Margaret Crawford, Flute, SA
  • Elizabeth Drake, Piano, VIC
  • Janice Taylor, Soprano, VIC
  • Pamela Bryce, Violin, QLD
  • Vernon Hill, Flute, QLD
  • Janet Lasscock, Soprano, SA
  • Elizabeth Leslie, Piano, NSW
  • Paul Curtis, Flute, NSW
  • Brian Hanly, Violin, WA
  • Elizabeth Tippett, Mezzo-soprano, VIC
  • Roger Woodward, Piano, NSW
  • Althea Bridges, Soprano, NSW
  • Geoffrey Madge, Piano, SA
  • Phillip Miechel, Clarinet, VIC
  • Kerry Smith, Violin, QLD
  • Charmian Gadd, Violin, NSW
  • Janet Gare, Piano, TAS
  • Janice Hearne, Soprano, SA
  • Ruth Gurner, Soprano, SA
  • Rodney Sigston, Piano, VIC
  • Michael Wentzell, Organ, VIC
  • Nance Grant, Soprano, VIC
  • Stephen McIntyre, Piano, VIC
1950 - 1959
  • Gloria McDonall, Soprano, VIC
  • Irene Pang, Piano, NSW
  • Lynette Howieson, Soprano, WA
  • Geoffrey Michaels, Violin, WA
  • Patricia Connop, Soprano, WA
  • Stanley Ritchie, Violin, NSW
  • Russell Cooper, bass-baritone, NSW
  • Janette Hamilton, Piano, NSW
  • Barbara Hoad, Clarinet, QLD
  • Neil Warren-Smith, Bass-baritone, VIC
  • Donald Thornton, Piano, WA
  • Patricia Wyatt, Soprano, WA
  • Lynette Kierce, Soprano, VIC
  • Donald Westlake, Clarinet, VIC
  • Marjorie Conley, Soprano, NSW
  • Max Olding, Piano, VIC
  • Kevin Miller, Tenor, SA
  • Audrey White, Piano, SA
1950 (Awards inaugurated for singers and instrumentalists. Name changed to ABC Concerto and Vocal Competition.)
  • Commonwealth Winner - Ronald Price, Piano, VIC
  • Trevor Lewis, Baritone, NSW
  • Elise Longwill, Soprano, WA
  • Leslie Miers, Piano, VIC
  • Kevin Miller, Tenor, SA
  • Enid Strong, Piano, NSW
1944 - 1949
1949 (Commonwealth Finals first held)
  • Commonwealth Winner - Donald Weekes, Violin, VIC
  • Sylvia Biddle, Soprano, QLD
  • Lyall Duke, Piano, TAS
  • Pamela Flower, Soprano, WA
  • Ronald Jackson, Bass, NSW
  • Pamela Main, Piano, SA
  • Helen McKinnon, Contralto, QLD
  • Juilliard Scholarship Winner - Frances Moran, Piano, WA
  • Norma Cornelius, Soprano, QLD
  • Laurence Davis, Piano, NSW
  • Berenice Lehmann, Piano, SA
  • Juilliard Scholarship Winner - Dallas Haslam, Piano, VIC
  • Juilliard Scholarship Winner - Manfred Clynes, Piano, VIC
  • British Council Scholarship Winner - Beryl Kimber, Violin, NSW
  • Juilliard Scholarship Winner - Sybil Willey, Contralto, QLD
  • No winner selected
1944 (An annual state based competition was organised)
  • Richard Farrell, Piano, NSW
  • Betty Munro George, Piano, WA
  • Audrey White, Piano, SA