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We are grateful for the support of the following individuals and organisations:

2021 Sponsors
Symphony Services International Triffitt Bequest Sponsor
Adelaide Symphony Orchestra Adelaide Symphony Orchestra Prize Sponsor
Australian Strings Association The AUSTA Bursary Sponsor
City Recital Hall, Sydney City Recital Hall Prize Sponsor
Melbourne Recital Centre Melbourne Recital Centre Prize Sponsor
Jack Ritch Edward Ritch Prize Sponsor
Sydney Symphony Orchestra Sydney Symphony Orchestra Prize Sponsor
UKARIA Cultural Centre UKARIA Recital Prize Sponsor
Keshet Eilon Music Centre Keshet Eilon Scholarship Sponsor
  • Dene Olding
  • Howard Penny
  • Robin Wilson
  • Kate Lidbetter
  • Marcus Barker
  • Sydney Symphony Orchestra
  • City Recital Hall
Estates & Trusts
  • Allen Evans Estate
  • Kitty Fischer Estate
  • Triffitt Estate
  • Haas Family Trust


Music & Opera Singers Trust Ltd. (MOST®)

In April 2016 the ABC and Symphony Australia selected Music & Opera Singers Trust Ltd (MOST®) to take carriage of the ABC Symphony Australia Young Performers Awards.

MOST® has a long and rich history creating and managing elite music and opera competitions, awards and scholarship on national and international levels ( Australia, Europe, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, UK and the USA).

MOST® provides professional management and consultancy services for competitions, events, awards, scholarships, prizes, grants and oral history recording projects.

Sponsorship and support in various forms are vital to the continuation of the Young Performers Awards.

Your help matters.

Not surprisingly, discovering, showcasing, providing opportunities and recognition programmes require significant resources, both financial and non-financial. There are many ways individuals, groups and organisations can assist in supporting MOST® in its varied programmes and activities, which include: audition, performance and career development for young musicians, instrumentalists, performing artists and opera singers; development programmes and opportunities for professional musicians, performing artists and educators; recognition of excellence through awards, scholarships and grants; and management and consultancy services for competitions, events, awards, scholarships, prizes and grants.

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